The journey from George to Oudtshoorn (or however you spell it) is fairly easy in that its short. 45 minutes or so.  Someone suggested we travel through Montagu pass but as we reached the turnoff, the sky was looking armageddon like so we took the easy direct and quick route.   As soon as we crossed the mountain, the sun beamed down on us and the terrain had drastically changed to desert.

DSC08515We stayed at Kranskloof lodge – another one bedroom self contained unit with a picturesque swimming pool.  It was rather central to all our destinations and there is a cute deli down the road with a playground and make home made apricot jam.  (They were also kind enough to do our washing for us, and somehow bring it back smelling beautiful and clean.)

Oudtshoorn the town was rather small and unremarkable except for the groceries. DSC08387 Cango Wildlife Ranch north of Oudtshoorn was a hit. A rather interesting and odd collection of animals with a fantastic guide. We enjoyed seeing the crocodiles jumping, and getting a great view of the big cats.  We were taken on a guided tour for about 60 – 90 minutes which was very informative. We also spent a lot of time in the kid area on the playground.  There is a water play area so remember to bring swimmers as it is hot! There is also a petting zoo where the largely unsupervised farm animals (think sheep, goats, bunnys) run away from the toddler and appear rather scarred and don’t want to be there.

DSC08559Cango ostrich farm is one of the many ostrich farms in the area that probably do the same thing.  It was an interesting 45 minute tour that the adults and kids enjoyed.  I learnt that ostriches have more vertebrae in their neck and can turn around 360 degrees.  Males and females have different colours.  They can reach speeds of 70 km/h.  You can stand on ostrich eggs and they won’t break (although if a baboon drops the egg it will break!)  Volunteers were allowed to have the ostrich eat out of their hand, give them ‘hugs’, ‘massages’ and I had the pleasure of ‘riding’ an ostrich for all of four seconds before falling off.  Glad I could cross that off my bucket list!

Cango caves was pretty impressive as we carried the kids/ dragged the toddler throughDSC08581
the hour tour.  As I was entertaining Miss 2.5 year old, I missed most of the explanations and talk but I could still appreciate the beauty.  And the rendition of the South African National Anthem in the caves concert hall.



En route home from Cango Caves we stumbled across a restaurant called The Old Mill which was a good find.  It was pretty (can be a function venue), had a playground, wifi and some bunnies and ponies just hanging out. Being vegetarian we resisted from trying ostrich but the pasta was pretty memorable!



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