The monkeys were no longer cute and once again a pest, even in a hot humid17191933_10154562135954436_1394289897800749756_o
city as Durban.  They found their way into our Airbnb house in Berea and stole our bananas.  It was great entertainment for our kids and Miss N still talks about the monkey stealing her banana!

Durban was our final destination, to wind down, relax and continue to catch up with family.  There was nothing on our agenda, no need to do or see anything except Granny, who unfortunately needed a medical procedure after her birthday weekend so we became well acquainted with a local Durban hospital.

_DSC5274-59We did manage to get to a library at Miss N’s insistence and we had a beautiful family photoshoot on Umhlanga Rocks by Tilani from Marshmallow Images.  She obviously ignored the advice not to work with kids or animals and succeeding in taking beautiful photos we shall cherish.

We also made it to Mitchell Park Zoo which the price tag of 10 Rand gave away it’s poor resemblance to an actual zoo.  But the Blue Zoo cafe is lovely and has an outdoor jungle gym with some crafty activities and a child minder and delicious food.

I would have liked to have called our overnight flight back home to Sydney uneventful, except that Miss N threw up only about 7 times between the airport and flights.  I’m glad we fed her a strawberry milkshake preceding this sickness so at least my clothes were stained a bright pink colour as opposed to the normal gross brown vomit colour. But this too shall pass and the kids did eventually sleep on the plane and I did read other mummy blogs warning me to pack spare clothes for everyone.  Wise words.

The excitement and smile on my kids faces as we entered our home was palpable.  They _DSC5385-73were happy to be home and have a sheer abundance of fluffy toys to play with.  Jet lag was tough, but nothing that a team effort couldn’t cope with for 5 rough nights, and thankfully now is just a distant memory.  All worth it and now we get to relive it when I one day get around to making a holiday photo book!


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